Optimize your OTA Program Membership Live Webinar


In support of your Program Membership, we’d like to invite you to an informative webinar that will give you insights into how your involvement in an OTA consortium can benefit your organization. Whether you’re a new member, or just want to learn more about the process and help others in your organization understand how OTAs operate, we can help demystify this flexible acquisition model.


OTAs have been integral in developing cutting-edge research and innovative prototypes to meet a wide variety of government challenges. Learn more about the world of OTAs and how to optimize your involvement. Join one of our live, interactive OTA webinars.


You’ll learn:

  • The history and components of OTAs
  • How the consortium model promotes collaboration among the government, nonprofits, organizations of all sizes, and academic institutions
  • How to get involved and find opportunities for research and prototype development


View upcoming dates and register: https://www.ati.org/ota-101-webinar


  • June 10, 2021  11AM-12PM Eastern
  • July 15, 2021   2PM-3PM Eastern
  • Sept 14, 2021  11AM-12PM Eastern
  • Nov 4, 2021     2PM-3PM Eastern


To learn more about OTAs: https://www.ati.org/resources/ota-resource-library


We look forward to having you join in this most informative event.

Please join us!


315 Sigma Drive Summerville, SC 29486