NSTIC Opportunities

NSTIC offers Federally-funded research and business opportunities for members through solicitations. The solicitations offer NSTIC members the opportunity to propose prototype technologies to the technology requirements in each solicitation’s sub-objective area. Current solicitations are listed below. To view complete solicitation information please visit the NSTIC Members Only site. This site is for NSTIC Members Only and you will be asked for your NSTIC member log-in. If you do not have a username and password, please click here to request access.
If you are not a NSTIC member and wish to become one, please click here for instructions.

RPPDescriptionRelease DateSubmissions Due
NSTIC-24-AAdvanced Computing and Software Engineering02/09/20243/20/2024
NSTIC-22-DNSTIC-22-D: High Power Laser Components Development8/11/20229/29/2022
NSTIC-22-CNSTIC 22-C: High Power Laser Components Development8/11/20229/16/2022
NSTIC-22-BNSTIC 22-B: Spectroscopy Test Component Upgrade8/11/20229/16/2022
NSTIC-22-APrototype Infra-Red (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF) Decoys7/8/202210/28/2022
NSTIC-21-BBroad Ocean Area Prototype Data Collection System12/15/20201/26/2021
NSTIC-21-CConsole Electronics Unit7/27/20218/17/2021
NSTIC-21-APrototype Long Endurance Airborne Platform (LEAP)/Long Endurance Electronic Decoy (LEED)11/19/20201/21/2021
NSTIC-20-02Dynamic wargaming platform for research, development, and rapid prototyping7/20/20208/19/2020
NSTIC-24-BITS-24-B-001: SSDS Slide Rule Development 05/31/202406/24/2024

*Note, dates are subject to change.