NSWCDD is seeking one or more solution(s) to address the need for a highly adaptable interface approach to support the ever-changing system of systems environment onboard Navy Ships. Navy Combat Systems (CSs) interface with a multitude of systems, largely categorized as sensors and effectors, but also including communications systems, navigation systems and timing systems. These systems have various manufacturers and therefore various interface definitions, and newer ones are being developed faster than is possible to integrate with CSs and test in a holistic fashion.

The ability to more quickly integrate new systems with Navy CSs also speeds fusing the data with other system and/or weapon pairing. This can greatly enhance the mission success as many systems produce related and complementary information.

This challenge will narrow the problem set to radar systems, but the expectation is that the same approach could support fast integration of other Navy CSs systems. The deadline for submissions for Phase 1 is Friday, August 18th at 11:59 PM EDT

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